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2: Forsaken introduced a lot of big changes to the game, including a massive overhaul of the leveling system. Gone are the days of cranking out weekly milestones on reset day and being done for the week. Now, there are several different challenges that rotate on daily and weekly timers. However, the biggest trick to these is understanding what the caps are for each activity and knowing what order to go in. Here is how to power every week to get ready to tackle Destiny 2’s hardest content.

Get to XP Level 50, Power Level 500

The first thing players should focus on when booting up Forsaken is making sure they hit both the XP level cap and the Power Level soft cap. This can be easily done by just running through the Forsaken campaign, as blue rarity drops will be plentiful, and XP will be abundant.

Avoid doing challenges that are on the director as many of these autocomplete and will cause players to lose out on possible power gains in the near future. Players can also run bounties on any of the destinations to get a good bump in XP. Once players are Level 50, gear will drop up to the power level 500 soft cap (500). Run lost sectors and public events in the Tangled Shore to round out gear until all pieces are at least 500.

Power Level 500 to 520

Once players have reached 500, they can now start working on some of the challenges in the director. Each challenge has a different “cap” where it will only award a +1 Power increase. Up until that cap, it will award a several point Power increase. The following challenges will award multi-level increases up until Power Level 520:

  • Flashpoint (Weekly Reset)
  • Ikora’s Challenge (Weekly Reset)
  • Daily Heroic Story Missions (Weekly Reset)
  • Clan XP Engrams for Crucible, Nightfall, Gambit, and Raid completions (Weekly Reset)
  • Powerful Bounty from The Spider in the Tangled Shore (Weekly Reset)
  • Heroic Adventures on Flashpoint Planet (Daily Reset)
  • Crucible (Daily and Weekly Resets)
  • Gambit (Daily and Weekly Resets)
  • Strikes (Daily and Weekly Resets)
  • One-time Quests from Shaxx, The Drifter, and Zavala

Completing these challenges before Power Level 520 will net a multi-level increase, while completing them after 520 will net a +1 Power increase.

destiny 2 forsaken gambit weekly challenges

Power Level 521 to 540

Between 520 and 540 Power, options become a little more limited. The following activities will drop up to a soft cap of 540:

  • Nightfall Strike Challenge (Weekly Reset)
  • 100,000 Score Nightfall Challenge (Weekly Reset)
  • Petra Venj’s Story Mission (Weekly)

Nightfall strikes also have a different blue gear soft cap, which drops five below the player’s light level until 540. This is good for rounding out a set if one or two pieces are holding a player back.

destiny 2 forsaken nightfall weekly challenges

Power Level 541-560

Once players reach 540+, then the Dreaming City will be the best source of powerful gear. The following activities and challenges drop up to the 560 soft cap:

  • Petra Venj’s “War for the Dreaming City” Bounty
  • Gambit Infamy Reset

destiny 2 forsaken war for the dreaming city bounty petra venj

Power Level 561-580

Keeping up with the Dreaming City focus, many challenges in this tier will require players to spend a great deal of time in the endgame patrol zone. The following challenges and activities will net players greater power gains in this tier:

  • Kalli and Shuro Chi in the Last Wish Raid (Weekly Reset)
  • Blind Well Tier 4 Heroic (Weekly Reset)
  • Petra’s Challenge for Two Weekly Bounties (Weekly Reset)
  • Ascendant Challenge (Weekly Reset)
  • Iron Banner Bounties (Seasonal)
  • Exotic Engram Decryption

destiny 2 forsaken last wish raid


Power Level 581-600

Welcome to the end game! Any power level gains are much slower from 580 onward. Most challenges in Destiny 2 will only net a +1 power increase outside of the following challenges:

  • 5,000 Clan XP Bounty (Weekly Reset)
  • Morgeth, the Vault, and Riven Encounters in Last Wish (Weekly Reset)
  • Gambit Bounty “The Might of the Traveler”
  • The Shattered Throne (Weekly, Only When Dreaming City Curse is Strongest)
  • Prime Engrams

So every week, players should start with their low tier challenges like Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes, and then work their way up, ending the week doing the Dreaming City challenges and the Last Wish raid. Prime Engrams are another great source of continuous Power increases, so if players want to maximize gains then they should decrypt Prime Engrams as soon as they get them – even if it means abandoning activities in-progress. Another big tip, if players have the time, is to start by doing challenges on their least played character, and rounding out the week by doing challenges on their main character. This will guarantee that the main character will be the highest character, if players have the time to invest.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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