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Fans of 2 have known that two high-profile exotics have been missing in action since the launch of the game’s latest expansion. One of them is the Wish-Ender bow, which was shown off in some trailers for the expansion. For the past few weeks, players have wondered how they could get their hands on the bow that allows players to see through walls, and after this week’s reset, players have discovered the quest to get it.

Unlocking Wish-Ender is Destiny 2 will first require players to complete the new Shattered Throne dungeon. After completing it, players will need to head to the Tangled Shore to kick off the quest proper. Destiny 2 content creator, Datto, has a full guide below for the quest.

Before delving into the specifics of how to get Wish-Ender, players should know that to even attempt this quest and its accompanying Shattered Throne dungeon, the recommended Power level is very high. The Shattered Throne dungeon contains enemies in it that scale all the way to 590 (that’s even higher than the final boss in the Last Wish raid), so players below 570 are going to have an extremely tough time completing it.

Once players have completed the Shattered Throne, to start the quest they need to head to Four Horn Gulch in the Tangled Shore and find a Taken orb in the area. That will kick off a mission that, in the end, will drop three tokens that need to be charged. will need to head back to the Shattered Throne dungeon to summon three hidden bosses within the activity by finding and properly placing hidden Arc Charges. Defeating those bosses will charge the tokens, and once all three tokens are charged and the dungeon is cleared, players will be rewarded with the Wish-Ender.

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The exotic bow lets players see through walls when the bowstring is completely pulled back, and the arrows over penetrate multiple targets meaning a single arrow can cause massive damage to enemies that are lined up behind one another. In addition, Wish-Ender does extra damage against Taken, which is helpful for endgame activities like the raid and within the cursed Dreaming City. Also, Wish-Ender can break the numerous crystals hidden around the Dreaming City, and doing so will drop Dreaming City gear.

Wish-Ender isn’t the only exotic quest that went active with this week’s reset. Players can also chase down the other “missing” exotic, Malfeasance, with the first step of that quest being found in the Gambit playlist.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Datto

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