Destiny 2 Increasing Drop Rates of Rare Items

Destiny 2 players still in search of some Dreaming City destination and Last Wish raid items, including the One Thousand Voices , may soon see a positive turn in their luck with the news that the drop rates for some of the looter shooter’s items are being increased in the game’s next in a few weeks.

In its weekly blog, developer Bungie gave a preview of Update 2.2.1, tentatively scheduled to launch on April 9th. Within that update, the drop rates for the Dreaming City Ghost shell, ship, and Sparrow will be greatly increased. For one thing, that will definitely help players still looking to earn the Cursebreaker title. Bungie said when playing activities that drop those items, the chances of getting them to drop have doubled, tripled, or more. The same goes for the Ghost shell, ship, and Sparrow from the Last Wish raid.

The Last Wish raid exotic One Thousand Voices, which can be found in one of the chests in the final room of The Last Wish raid, is also getting its drop rate buffed but to a lesser degree. Bungie said in its blog that it wants to keep One Thousand Voices rare so it is not going to see double or triple the drop rate like those other cosmetic items, but it is getting a “slightly better chance than what is currently available,” according to Bungie.

Some of the game’s lore books will also be a bit easier to come by as well after the update, specifically the Cayde’s Stash, Dreaming City, and Tangled Shore lore books. While that news may not be as exciting to as wide of a player base as the items mentioned above, it will surely be welcomed by those who chase Destiny 2‘s lore and completionists.

Bungie also previewed a couple of other changes coming in update 2.2.1, including a change to give players more time to complete the weekly Invitation of the Nine and some new buttons to the Five Swords Nightfall card to allow players to better set their desired handicap.

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