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As many Guardians would likely attest, 2‘s Last Wish could very well be Bungie's most difficult that it has introduced into the science fiction franchise yet, with only 12 players in total having cleared it in the first 24 hours. Since then, others have gone on to triumphantly tackle the raid, and the list of successful players has now expanded to include the likes of a deaf clan of Guardians.

As seen the video below from the Redditor and 2 fan known as “funpak”, gamers can get a gander at the clan wrapping up the Last Wish raid, as funpak slams the Riven's heart in with seconds to spare to complete the “Clan Night: Last Wish” triumph. According to funpak, the clan properly paces themselves with personalized callouts typed out in the chat for symbols and locations, and they use a webcam to discuss strategies.

As previously mentioned, Funpak and their clan's defeat of the Last Wish raid was definitely no easy task, and it looks as if Bungie even believes the current version of the Destiny 2 raid is already difficult enough. As it so happens, the studio recently announced that there won't be any Prestige Mode for the raid.

Nevertheless, there's always a way to make Last Wish even more challenging–particularly by activating the Thirteenth Wish. This should enact the “Petra's Run” modifier, which makes it so that if any player dies at any point during the raid, the entire squad's sent back to orbit to start all over again.

All things considered, Funpak and their clan should definitely be commended for their accomplishment, as Last Wish has given plenty of players trouble. For those who might still be struggling with completing the latest Destiny 2 raid's final boss, check out our guide on how to Riven right here.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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