Destiny 2 Master Nightfall Strikes are Bugged, Start Farming Now

As part of Bungie Day, 2 launched a major update that included some significant changes to the skyboxes on a few planets, a new exotic weapon quest, and a few buffs/nerfs to existing weapons. However, one change that happened with the patch, and was certainly not intended, should benefit players until it’s fixed.

For some reason the latest Destiny 2 update has introduced a bug into the Master difficulty : The Ordeal Strikes that rates the enemies at 750 Power Level. Normally, a Master Nightfall is one of the top tier endgame experiences and the enemies are rated at a power level of 1080, which means that unless players have leveled up their Artifact they will be at a disadvantage.

But because of this bug, Destiny 2 players can easily farm the Master Nightfall Strike whether they are above the Power Level cap for Season of Arrivals or not. And since Bungie is almost assuredly aware of the bug and working to fix it, players should start as soon as they can. The only issue that this week’s Ordeal strike is Festering Core, which is hardly the best for quick runs.

Master Nightfall Strikes are a useful source for a number of different items in Destiny 2. Of course, the endgame-level strikes will give players a Pinnacle Power Level drop upon completion, but that is only on the first for the week. Repeating/farming Master Nightfall Strikes is a great source for getting exotic armor with stat roles that favor a player’s play style and for building up a stockpile of upgrade materials. Both Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards have a high likelihood of dropping from Master Nightfall Strikes, so it’s worth farming the activity just for those.

Considering that the only other way to get Ascendant Shards is through a pricey exchange from the Gunsmith or through the Season Pass, there are very few “easy” sources. Master Nightfall Strikes bugged to be 750 Power Level are going to be much easier.

That being said, the Master Nightfall Strike is not a cakewalk even though it is 750. Master Nightfall Strikes also don’t support matchmaking, so players will need to group up with friends or use an LFG service in order to find a fireteam.

Even though the enemies are weaker, fireteam planning should still consider the Strike is an endgame level experience. All of the modifiers of a Master Nightfall are still active and the enemies are still challenging. More than anything, players should make sure to bring all of the necessary Champion mods and one of each element spread among their fireteam. Also keep an eye out for the Cyclops in the Strike, as they can still one-shot players.

Farming the Master Nightfall is well worth the effort for those that do still find the Strike challenging because of those upgrade materials. With Destiny 2: Beyond Light right around the corner, players will want to make sure their inventory is stocked as soon as the new content goes live.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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