Destiny 2 Nerfing Its Best DPS Heavy Weapon This Week

balancing has long been the most difficult issue for Bungie to tackle throughout the lifetime of 2 and even during the lifetime of its predecessor. However, when a weapon is completely broken and sends itself to the top of every tier list of weapon builds, then it becomes an easy choice for any developer to deliver a nerf in order to set the game back in order.

In Bungie’s latest “This At Bungie” weekly blog post, the Destiny 2 developer laid out its plans to update the game in the next patch with a number of bug fixes. Buried among a number of balancing and fixes is an update to one of the highest DPS weapons currently available, more in an effort to fix a broken piece of gear as opposed to adjusting the intended weapon tiers.

The legendary sword, Falling Guillotine, is strong in its own right but there is a bug that causes the weapon to continue to deal damage even after the heavy attack animation ends. Some players even discovered that the sword can deal damage without any ammo, although it’s unclear if that bug will also be addressed. Bungie’s focus for Tuesday’s hot fix will be on eliminating that post-attack damage.

Originally, the Falling Guillotine was seemingly meant to be a way to bring Dark Drinker from Destiny into Destiny 2, but most players were surprised that the Legendary weapon (Dark Drinker was exotic) could deal so much damage. Mixing it with any PvE build has made players unbelievably powerful, especially if they continue to use the Umbral Decoder in order to acquire the “God Roll” for the weapon.

Combining a God Rolled Fallen Guillotine with mods like Lucent Blade has allowed players to completely break some of the tougher challenges in Destiny 2‘s Season of Arrivals. Altering the way that the weapon works in order to keep it better in line with how it was originally intended could impact its use in PvE. However, considering all of the abilities and perks that the weapon can have, it will likely maintain its status among swords, even if it isn’t quite as impressive.

In a time when Destiny 2 players feel weaker, it can be a major blow when Bungie starts nerfing some of the game’s strongest weapons. However, in the case of the Fallen Guillotine, it’s hard to say that this fix isn’t necessary, considering that the only reason it is as powerful as it is because of a bug. So, while losing one of the most powerful weapons isn’t fun, Bungie is at least justified in reworking this weapon.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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