Destiny 2 Player Gets Help With Homework From Raid Team

One 2 player manages to complete the Garden of Salvation and get their homework done thanks to a helpful Physics teacher.

Every now and then video games produce some pretty wholesome moments, like when Fortnite players gathered to celebrate a younger player’s birthday amidst lock down. One Destiny 2 player had a similar experience recently, as they managed to get some much needed help on their Physics homework following the completion of a .

Like its predecessor, Destiny 2 is primarily a multiplayer game. There’s a lot of things that players can do by themselves, but when it comes to raids, they’ll end up needing help from other Guardians. During this run of Garden of Salvation, Redditor Drakath60 got help with more than just the raid, he got help with his homework as well.

Drakath60 explains that he was struggling with some physics homework for college when he decided to take a break and tackle the Garden of Salvation in Destiny 2 with some randoms. After the raid, he took a shot and asked if any of his fellow Guardians had a deep enough understanding of Physics to help him out.

As it happens, one of the players he had matched with was actually a physics teacher, and took the time to explain some of the concepts to Drakath60. He makes it clear that the help he received made the rest of his homework a whole lot easier thanks to the way the teacher explained everything. It’s great to see people in the Destiny 2 community helping each other out in ways that transcend the game itself, leading to a more connected and thriving community.

In the comments, the physic teacher reveals himself as Redditor AgentN25 and further elaborates on the nature of the Physics problem in question. To make things even better, he even offers to help more in the future should it be needed. Commenters of course take this opportunity to point out that he is a Hunter, attempting to use that tidbit to prove that they are in fact the best of Destiny 2‘s classes. Others joke about the financial value of this help, reminding OP that many people pay for tutoring like this. From then on, the comments are filled with people hilariously attempting to offer up their services in return for trials carries and more.

More wholesome Destiny 2 moments like this are sure to pop up in the future, and they can usually be distinguished from other Reddit posts by the hordes of awards they have. Either way, most would agree that it’s refreshing to play with someone who’s as passionate about their career as they are about the game.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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