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Those who have played Destiny 2 know how long of a process it is to delete out of their inventory. Without any method to delete multiple shaders, players are forced to sit and hit the delete button again and again, which can take a good amount of time, especially if they have a large number of them. Developer Bungie revealed a number of interesting stats about the game’s third season in an infographic, and among them was that all players combined have deleted 807,635,124 shaders just since the launch of Warmind.

One fan on Reddit calculated out how long it took players to delete that massive amount of shaders. Factoring in the deleting process taking one second, it comes out to over 25 years of in-game time when you stack every Destiny 2 player’s time together.

destiny 2 shaders deleted 25 years

The tedious process of deleting shaders has not gone unnoticed by players, and is one of the complaints leveled at the system, which changed to a one-time-use consumable item in Destiny 2 instead of the original game’s method of letting players unlock a shader once and then apply it once and swap it out. Players have told stories of how it can sometimes take them hours to fully clear out large stacks of these consumable shaders.

The update released alongside the game’s upcoming DLC, Forsaken, will attempt to address these complaints with a new method to delete multiple shaders at once, although it won’t work quite how fans were expecting.  Many players imagine being able to delete an entire stack of hundreds of shaders with a button, or to use some sort of user interface that would allow them to select how many of that stack to delete. But instead, players will go to the Cryptarch to delete five shaders at a time. So, while this new system will speed things up by a factor of five, which means, hypothetically, given the same time and number of shaders the new system will result in just five years of time instead of 25.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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