Destiny 2 PvP game modes trials of Osiris Weapons

 competitive PvP game modes have been getting more attention from Bungie over the past few seasons, and Season of the Risen is going to continue in the same direction, according to a recent developer blog. With returning maps and new weapons in both endgame PvP modes, competitive fans have got much to look forward to.

The of Osiris mode, specifically, is getting one returning weapon with a refreshed loot pool, and one entirely new weapon as well. Both will be brought up-to-speed with two of the so-called Origin Traits, too, and players will be able to freely switch between them to activate different functionality. ‘s endgame PvP multiplayer should therefore entice more players to join the fray in Season 16.

While it’s been known that ‘s Trials would get more loot in Season of the Risen, Bungie has waited to share any pertinent details about the new weapons up until now. The returning weapon is none other than the 600 RPM Summoner, the legendary Solar auto rifle that will now be able to roll Heating Up and Focused Fury instead of some other, less-desirable Perks that it had before. The new scout rifle, Aisha’s Embrace, is a 260 RPM weapon that can roll the desirable Triple Tap and Fourth Time’s The Charm combination, as well as Tunnel Vision and Multikill Clip.

Trials of Osiris is set to launch this weekend, on March 11th, with all six of its weapons (including the two new/returning ones) having access to two aforementioned Origin Traits that are being introduced as part of Destiny 2‘s weapon crafting feature. One of these will be the classic One Quiet Moment PvP Trait that rolls on all regular PvP weapons. Alacrity, however, is going to be exclusive to Trials of Osiris weapons, and it increases the weapon’s stability, reload speed, aim assist, and range when the player is running solo or when they’re the last Guardian standing.

Back in September 2021, Bungie reworked the Trials of Osiris reward structure and added the ability for players without fireteams to compete via Freelance mode. This led to more Destiny 2 players playing Trials than before, and while it’s unlikely that two new weapons would elicit as much engagement from the community, it seems like a safe bet that most players will be interested in giving it a shot, at the very least.

Curiously, Aisha’s Embrace shares geometry with some classic Destiny 2 Forsaken weapons, as scout rifles of this type used to drop while doing Tangled Shore activities. This may suggest that Bungie is looking to reuse beloved Forsaken weapon models with new skins in the future, which should be great news for fans of this particular aesthetic, especially now that Tangled Shore itself has been vaulted and removed from the current rotation of playable content.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles.

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