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In a surprising turn of events, the mysterious quest that’s been taking the Destiny 2 community by storm was first mentioned over a decade ago. That may seem impossible, since Destiny didn’t even exist yet, but the task was actually mentioned when Halo 2 released, all the way back in 2004.

The Destiny 2 correlation was brought up on Reddit, where a user linked to one of the earlier cut-scenes in Halo 2. The cut-scene featured Cortana mentioning to everyone present that there was a “Whisper” coming from Io.

For those who aren’t in the know, the latest mission to enter into Destiny 2 is called “The Whisper.” It’s a timed mission that takes place on Io, and its reward is Destiny 2‘s equivalent of the infamous Black Spindle weapon that dominated for quite some time in the original Destiny. 

The Whisper has been hailed by the community as a much-needed return to ’s engagement with more curious players, and calls back to the days of Destiny where players would stumble upon secret missions and figure them out on their own. The quest for the original Black Spindle was one such quest, manifesting as a hidden alternate path in a pre-existing mission.

destiny 2 whisper of the worm black spindle exotic sniper rifle

The new version of Black Spindle, called Whisper of the Worm, is a more overtly Taken variant of the Black Spindle. The tip has the iconic white interference that taken enemies and objects have on them, giving it a distinct look. The gun’s lore tab is also fascinating, calling back to the end of the Warmind expansion where Guardians killed the physical manifestation of the Worm God Xol. The Lore tab tells us that Xol had “perished, but was not destroyed,” answering a criticism of many community members who felt that this all-powerful being was far too easily killed.

The quote taken from 2004’s Halo 2 was, most certainly, not an elaborate plot from Bungie to foreshadow this quest. However, Bungie does like to connect its games – as evidenced by references to Destiny in I and references to Marathon: Durandal in Destiny. It wouldn’t be surprising if Bungie reached back into the Halo archives in order to name the quest.

Source: Reddit

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