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One of the biggest additions to Destiny 2 coming in the Forsaken expansion is the new mode. For those unacquainted, Gambit is what developer Bungie is calling a combination of the best Destiny PvE has to offer mixed with PvP. In essence, it's a mode where two teams battle PvE enemies on two different sides of an arena with the ability to block each other's progress with how well they do, and occasionally they can send a player to the opposition's side for some straight PvP action. At Gamescom this week, Bungie is showing off Gambit on a never-before-seen map called Kells Grave.

Kells Grave will take players to the Reef's Prison of Elders, which, along with the story campaign, will be the first time players get to go back to the location in Destiny 2. Much of the environment will look familiar to longtime fans who played Destiny 1‘s Prison of Elders, but beyond the setting of the map, it's entirely brand new and built for the new Gambit mode.

IGN posted a 16-minute video of Gambit on Kells Grave:

There are a few interesting tidbits that can be garnered from watching the gameplay. For one, Gambit's vendor openly communicates much of the action to tip off the player to what is happening. He gives a warning when an enemy player has invaded into and lets players know if they're holding enough Motes to bank and summon a Primeval, the final boss that must be defeated to end the round and win.

destiny 2 forsaken gambit mode

The gameplay also shows that every enemy killed drops Motes with major enemies often dropping multiple Motes at a time. Keen-eyed watchers will also notice that if a player is killed once a Primeval has spawned, the Primeval heals itself. Also, Gambit is a best-of-three match that ends once one team has won two rounds.

It won't be long before all Destiny 2 players get their hands on Gambit for themselves when Forsaken launches in just under two weeks. But before that, Bungie is ready to show a new cinematic trailer before leaving Gamescom.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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