Destiny 2 Trailer Could Hint at Game Changing Tower Mission

Destiny 2 players pick apart the new Traveler’s Chosen trailer, with some believing that new mechanics shown may indicate a potential Tower showdown.

After three years, Destiny 2 may be heading for its biggest evolution the franchise has ever seen inside of its upcoming expansion. Not only is Bungie introducing the Destiny Content Vault, a method of removing legacy content from the game, but players are also seeing new subclasses based on the Darkness as well as other general overhauls to mechanics like triumphs and the UI. With two months still to go before the Beyond Light expansion ushers in a new era for players, speculation as to what else Bungie may be hiding has reached a fever pitch.

Just this week, the final part of the Exodus quest line finally appeared in game, letting players not only re-experience locations that are about to be removed in November, but unlock the new exotic sidearm, Traveler’s Chosen. As it typically does for new exotics, Bungie also released a new trailer for the sidearm, piecing together story elements alongside gameplay of the weapon in action. Destiny 2 players have systematically dissected the trailer, analyzing every big of it for potential more clues ahead of the Beyond Light expansion.

One user on the Destiny 2 subReddit highlights a few moments in particular, theorizing that Bungie may be introducing a few changes to the Tower later this year. At the 12 second mark, the trailer shows player guardians reloading the Traveler’s Chosen inside the Tower, something which can’t be done in the game. Upon loading into the Tower, the camera is pulled back into third person view and weapons are put away. Then, at the 38 second mark, a guardian fireteam appears to transmat into the Tower near Zavala’s location, holding their weapons at the ready as a ship flies over head.

While it’s an interesting change of pace, it’s worth noting that these clips can be explained away. Bungie has a track record of showing things off in a trailer that actually can’t be done, such as a Titan carrying a Sentinel Shield around the Tower. Using the software tools, Bungie can set up shots just for marketing purposes, so reloading the weapon in the Tower could simply be just for dramatic effect. The same can be said about the cinematic at the end, which appears to be a similar loading sequence for the Leviathan Raid. Perhaps using premade assets, Bungie simply copied the behaviors into the Tower map for trailer purposes.

Whatever the case may be, other users are predicting a bit of foreshadowing going on with this trailer. Over the past couple of months, rumors began circulating that the stoic and serious Commander Zavala would be undergoing a transformation in Beyond Light. Based on theories originated from in-game lore as well as an odd mechanic found in the Tower, players are expecting the Titan Commander to become corrupted by Savathun. Some would love to believe that this trailer hints at a potential confrontation with the Commander in what would likely be an epic Tower mission.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and .

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