Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes 1

2’s Black Armory DLC has finally arrived so it’s time to dive back into Destiny 2 and grind for all the new loot. Released a week after the of the Forge’s debut, Black Armory introduces a number of changes to ’s RPG/FPS hybrid.  Along with a Light level increase, there are a number of new activities players can participate in.

Here is a look at the for the Black Armory DLC:



  • Chaos Reach
      • Tuned Chaos Reach’s deactivation cost so that it consistently retains Super energy from deactivating early.
          • Previously, Chaos Reach allowed to save Super energy when deactivating the Super early by charging a flat Super energy cost upon deactivation (~65%). This meant that in order to save Super energy, you’d have to deactivate within the first second or so of the Super’s duration.
          • With this change, Chaos Reach’s deactivation will now always save you some Super energy. Deactivating the Super is no longer a flat energy cost but, rather, now works on a curve. The intention is to reward players for skillfully timing their deactivation.
  • Fixed an issue where the overshield granted upon respawning in Crucible would not negate damage right away
  • Increased damage required to destroy Nightstalker Tethers prior to their activation
  • Fixed an issue where the Biotic Enhancements buff would apply too much of a damage multiplier when standing in a Well of Radiance


  • Fixed an issue where Scavenger perks could be used to generate heavy ammo off of team mates who fell to self-inflicted misadventure
  • Fixed an issue where high impact scout rifles were not firing at 150 RPM
  • Fixed an issue where the impact stat bar for Fusion Rifles was not updating when upgrading a charge time masterwork for the weapon
  • Gwisin Vest
      • Fixed an issue where kills were not required to extend Super uptime
      • Fixed an issue where Super was not extended after 10 or more kills
  • Chromatic Fire
      • Fixed an issue where explosions were doing less damage than intended
  • Reduced the amount of ammo gained from the Machine Gun Scavenger perk to bring it in line with other weapon scavenger perks
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Black Armory weapons to sometimes roll two of the same perk
  • Duplicate perks have been replaced in each weapon’s talent grid
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Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes 2

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