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is bringing a slew of changes to the Destiny 2 when it launches next month, including an overhaul of the mod system in-game. With weapon mods being reworked, Bungie is doing away with elemental mods, which means players will no longer be able to change the elements of their once the weapon drops. This will be a return to form for Destiny veterans, as players will likely need to rely on random rolls to get the element they want.

The new mod system was shown off during Bungie’s sandbox showcase livestream, where Destiny 2 Gameplay Design Lead Josh Hamrick confirmed that when Forsaken launches, whatever element that is currently equipped on year one gear will be the permanent element for that weapon. This means that if players want a year one weapon in every element, they will need to go earn three copies of the weapon, each with a different elemental mod installed, before Forsaken launches.

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Players that want to infuse year one weapons will want to make sure they have enough copies or have their weapons on the proper element before September 4 hits. For example, if players want to have the Ikelos shotgun or sniper on void to stack with Tractor Cannon, then they will want to have the void damage mod in the weapon before Forsaken.

Bungie also showcased the faster time-to-kill in the Crucible, which will be launching on August 28 just ahead of Forsaken. Players will be able to test out the new buffs and changes to the weapon system before diving headfirst into everything Forsaken has to offer, whether they want to bring their year one gear with them or not.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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