Destiny 2: What Is Shadowkeep’s New Power Level Cap?

While developer Bungie has yet to officially reveal the new level cap that players will grind toward in the new Shadowkeep expansion coming this fall, keen-eyed fans have spotted some level numbers in some of the latest Destiny 2 behind-the-scenes featurette videos.

Similar Power level numbers seen in demos, at tradeshows like E3, or in other development videos have been placeholders before, so this number may not be final. However, in the ViDoc that revealed Shadowkeep, a portion of the video featuring a playtest session at Bungie headquarters shows the number 900 Power level on screen.

The Power level cap in Destiny 2‘s current Season of Opulence is 750, so a 150 level jump seems to be a sizeable but very realistic next step considering the fact that Shadowkeep is meant to be the size of Destiny 1‘s Rise of Iron expansion or a little bigger. It’s also possible that 900 is the soft cap of the expansion, which can only be surpassed by completing endgame activities like the new raid or collecting Powerful rewards.

It is hard to compare the level jump back in Rise of Iron because the leveling system was entirely different in the first game and underwent major changes with The Taken King expansion. Back then, Rise of Iron raised the level cap from 335 to 400. But staying with Destiny 2, the last major jump in Power level was Forsaken, which raised the cap from 385 to 600. From then on, each Year 2 season has introduced a 50-level increase.

destiny 2 shadowkeep power level 900

If that seasonal trend continues, players could very well see their Power levels increase to over 1,000 by the time Destiny 2 reaches the end of Year 3 and Season 11 in 2020. Of course, as mentioned, that 900 Power level cap for Shadowkeep is currently unconfirmed and only speculation at this point.

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Shadowkeep looks to be a significant step forward for the game and the first expansion since Bungie’s split from Activision as a publisher. Bungie also says it is ready to lean harder into the MMO elements of the game and appeal to the hardcore fanbase. Features such as Armor 2.0 are steps in the direction many fans have been hoping for but only time will tell where Destiny 2 will go.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases on September 17, 2019 for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, and One.

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