Details on Next Destiny 2 Secret Exotic Mission Leaked

Next week, 2 will launch its second quest for Season of Opulence, which is called the Lumina Quest. It is wildly believed that this quest will send players on an adventure to reclaim Rose, one of the weapons of sorrow in Destiny lore and the counterpoint to Thorn.

But while this Lumina quest is the only announced exotic quest left for Season of Opulence, and by extension Destiny 2 Year 2, it might not be the last one waiting to unlock. Strong evidence suggests that there will be a new mission unlocked later this season that will send players on an adventure for Bad Juju.

Bungie hasn’t confirmed anything at this point, but a source with close ties to the game claims that there will be another weapon quest like Zero Hour and Whisper. Apparently, this secret mission will have players exploring the Ascendant plane while on Leviathan, Emperor Calus’ ship. But unlike Zero Hour and Whisper, which were timed missions, this one will have no time limit and will be more mechanics focused, but the source says that this is not a dungeon like Shattered Throne.

Unfortunately, this source has no way to corroborate their claim but they do offer some clues within Destiny 2’s marketing and files that hint at a similar idea. First and foremost, there is a Triumph datamined in Destiny 2 Season of Opulence that tasks players with completing a mission called The Other Side without dying. This could be something unrelated to Bad Juju, but the source claims it’s this quest.

Additionally, there is a brief shot in the Destiny 2 Season of Opulence trailer that shows an Ascendant version of Leviathan architecture. The source claims that this is part of the Bad Juju mission and that the glowing orb (seen below) is the skull on the front of the exotic pulse rifle.

All on its own, this rumor would seem farfetched, but since there was a datamine for an exotic catalyst that looks a lot like Bad Juju, there is reason to believe this might be real. Of course, some fan could be making everything up simply by building off that datamined image, but the screenshot and Triumph help support their case.

Presumably, if this secret exotic mission is planned for Season 7, then it will go live once Bungie has delivered all of its promised content, like the Tribute Hall, Moments of Triumph, and Solstice of Heroes. All of that content should either be completed or launched by July 30th, which leaves about a month before the next expansion, Shadowkeep, releases and enough time to slip in one last exotic weapon mission.

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