Devil May Cry 5 Fan Multiplayer Mod Adds PVP

Modder The Hitchhiker shares a mod that helpful features to May Cry 5 as well as a PVP mode where players can fight each other.

Devil May Cry 5 made a big impression when it was released, with many fans believing that it brought the franchise up to contemporary standards while staying true to previous iterations. As a result of its hack and slash gameplay, Devil May Cry 5 received critical acclaim and many players are still enjoying the game 18 months after its initial release. The title has now received a fan-made update that will allow players to pick from Dante, Nero, or V and battle each other in a fighting game style.

While the Devil May Cry franchise has often been praised for its combat mechanics, the most recent title also saw praise being directed at other elements. Many praised the visuals, story, and soundtrack of Devil May Cry 5 and it seems that these elements have kept fans coming back to continue enjoying the core combat mechanics as well. A new mod by The Hitchhiker will now have many fans returning as it not only allows players to fight one another and also offers some updates to the single-player campaign. 

Through NexusMods players can obtain the mod that enables a PVP mode in Devil May Cry 5. In a Twitch stream, the user explained the issues that do feature in this mod. Enemies won’t be able to damage players while they are in this mode and Dante’s Royal Guard stance will run into glitches. Similarly, Nero’s Buster will not grab. Players will also have to pick separate characters as there is no mirroring ability at the moment. Despite these drawbacks, the mod looks like good fun for players who want to fight each other and it also comes with useful updates for the single-player campaign.

Players can use several new features through this mod including, “New “Darkslayer” Style, extended moveset for Dante’s Swords + Restores Drive, new Modeshifts for Dante’s Weapon.” On top of these features, there are also weapon remakes, and handy features to make the game easier to navigate.  Due to the accessibility features and improvements, many will hope that similar elements are in the next Devil May Cry game. Furthermore, a fully fledged PVP mode would likely please fans who want to showcase their skills with particular characters from the franchise.

While Devil May Cry 5 won’t get any new DLC this new mod implemented by The Hitchhiker will no doubt be bringing many people back to trying out the new features included. After all, its more than likely that many would like to use the fighting mechanics of the game against their friends.

Devil May Cry 5 is available right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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