Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Is Bad, But Collecting Orbs Is Good

I wanted to love the new Z Kakarot game, but I just don't. The quests are bad, the combat isn't fun and the whole game feels like it is barely holding together. But I'll keep playing as long as there are some orbs to collect.

orbs in games is something I'm very into. I played through all of Crackdown 2, almost entirely because of how fun it is to collect agility and hidden orbs. I also enjoyed the new Crackdown and spent way too many hours orbs in that game too. And in DBZ Kakarot, I'm spending way too much time just flying around and collecting orbs. I can't stop. Someone help.

Green orbs, blue orbs, red orbs, rainbow orbs, big orbs, formations of orbs, timed orbs, rare orbs, any orbs, really. I want them all. Yeah, sure Gohan needs my help, but he can wait. I got some orbs to collect.

There is just something extremely satisfying about finding a huge area filled with tons of orbs and then collecting every last one of those little bastards. Even the sound they make when Goku or whoever grabs them is so nice.

Early on, I found a large chain of red orbs draped over a path on a mountain. I lined myself up perfectly with the parade of orbs and quickly flew through the whole chain, collecting each one. It felt wonderful.

I remember my brother watching me play the original Crackdown and he eventually got frustrated with me, asking why I just jumped around getting all the orbs instead of playing the rest of the game. My only answer was because I had an innate desire to collect these orbs. I needed to do it. I did the same thing in Saint's Row IV, collecting every blue cluster dotted around the map. I have a problem. I know. I'm aware.

If I see an orb, I need it.

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