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More prize money in less time.

Games today announced Fortnite’s Fall , with millions more in prize money available following a shorter competition period than the recently concluded Summer Skirmish.

“The weather may be cooling down, but the battle is heating up,” Fortnite’s Twitter account tweeted today. “Fall Skirmish starts soon, with $10,000,000 awarded across 6 weeks. Stay tuned for major details dropping later this week!”

By comparison, the Summer Skirmish was an eight-week event with $8 on the table. It pitted professional players against some of the best amateurs and most popular streamers from around the world in a variety of online, invite-only competitions.

The Summer Skirmish got off to a rough start, with lag all but ruining the first week. But Epic acknowledged that there were problems and worked to fix them, and most fans would likely agree it did just that over the ensuing competitions, which concluded last week.

Now Epic has even more Fortnite content to play around with in the Fall Skirmish, thanks to the new weapon, new event and more introduced in patch 5.4.

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