Epic Sues Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaker for A Lot of Money

Games likes to surprise Fortnite fans with special in-game events that often bring cataclysmic changes to the world map. Unfortunately for Epic, it's difficult to keep secrets about a game as big as Fortnite, with leaks coming from datamines and sometimes even QA testers. There were multiple leaks that spoiled Fortnite 2, and Epic is now pursuing legal action against one such person accusing of leaking the big event.

Epic Games has filed a claim against QA tester Lucas Johnston, formerly of Keywords Studios. Johnston reportedly took a screenshot of new content that Epic was going to add as part of the big Fortnite Chapter 2 update. Johnston claims that he just emailed the screenshot to himself and doesn't know how it leaked online. An investigation by Keywords Studios discovered that Johnston was linked to the person who posted the screenshot online, and fired him on September 13.

Epic is suing Johnston for a whopping $85,000 for violating his Non-Disclosure Agreement and leaking the information. It seems as though there is considerable evidence stacked against Johnston, but it remains to be seen if the courts rule in Epic's favor and award the company the full amount that it is seeking.

It should be noted that this isn't the first time Epic Games has sued someone over Fortnite leaks. In fact, Epic has already sued one individual over leaking Fortnite Chapter 2 information, and it also sued someone for leaking things last year as well. Last year, a QA tester leaked that the Fortnite meteor would destroy Dusty Depot, and Epic sued them for breaking their non-disclosure agreement. It's unclear how much money Epic was seeking in that particular lawsuit, however.

One would think that Epic's willingness to sue Fortnite leakers would keep people from leaking information about the game, but it doesn't seem to have really deterred anyone. However, anyone that does decide to leak Fortnite information will be doing so knowing that they will most likely get sued for thousands of dollars if they're caught.

In the meantime, there likely isn't anything too big to leak about Fortnite for at least another month or so. The first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is currently in its sixth week, and we don't anticipate any major events until the launch of season 2.

Fortnite is free to play on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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