Every New Map Change in Fortnite Season 8

The start of Season 8 is here, and with it finally comes map changes the community has been begging for.

We knew changes like this were on the horizon following the live event where we saw all sorts of explosions all over the island. With so many of the locations flat out exploding, it seemed to be obvious that Epic was going to have to replace them with something.

Over the past several seasons, we haven’t seen a lot of change with the map, but we did continue to get new content. However, that’s not enough for many players, and it doesn’t look like this will be changing their mind.

Let’s take a look at the new map and see all of the things that have changed.

Fortnite Season 8 Map Changes

With locations like Slurpy Swamp, Corny Complex and Coral Castle being abducted earlier in Season 7, it seemed like those would be a shoo-in for changes in Season 8.

Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case, so players will have to get ready for another season with practically no changes to the map. Even Boney Burbs and Coral Castle managed to survive for another season.

It’s still very, very early in the season, so it’s tough to tell exactly what the best drop spots will be, but it’ll be an interesting couple of days as we see how things shake out.

While the locations themselves didn’t change all that much, there are new biomes to explore and those will have different weapons to pick up at least.

Any Name Changes?

As far as name changes, we see that Corny Crops is now a thing again, while Sludgy Swamp and Believer Beach kept their names from the previous seasons.

When you do load up the season, you will think more changes were made because of how much is blacked out, but it’ll end up being the same drop spots you’ve known for a while now.

It does feel a bit disappointing, but maybe Epic still has changes planned for later in the season.

As for the new Battle Pass, there’s a lot to dive into there. Replacing Rick Sanchez as the final unlock is Carnage, and it looks like the secret skin could end up being Shriek, Carnage’s love interest in the comic books and the upcoming film. It’s still anybody’s guess as to who this mysterious figure could be.

Skins have practically been the main draw of Fortnite for much of Chapter 2, so it makes sense for Epic to continue leaning so hard into them. Unfortunately, it does seem like it’s coming at the expense of major changes to the map.

At this point, it feels like we’re going to have to wait for the release of Chapter 3 before we see anything big happen to the map. It’s far different than how Chapter 1 worked, but it looks like this is the way Fortnite works from here on out.

For most players, this won’t be a huge deal because you can keep on dropping where you’d like, but competitive players are going to feel the pain of having to land at contested locations yet again.

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