Final Fantasy 14 Reveals Details on Endwalker Patch 6.4

Golbez awaits on The Dark Throne as 14 developers unveil the trailer and showcase the upcoming content in Patch 6.4 of Endwalker. The story arc that began with Newfound Adventure is coming to a close, as the former Scions of the Seventh Dawn attempt to rescue Azdaja on the moon of the Thirteenth Reflection and stop Golbez from enacting his plans. 14‘s population doubled with Endwalker, and a large part of its enduring popularity has been the high quality of the patches that followed including the latest one which sees a culmination to the Pandaemonium raid series.

The trailer for Final 14‘s Patch 6.4 was revealed in the latest Letter From the Producer livestream, accompanied by a musical track which combined the leitmotifs of Amaurot and Elidibus with an arrangement of the original Final Fantasy 4 theme and the Battle With the Four Fiends. Though the music highlighted the two main storylines of the patch, Final Fantasy 14 players can also expect to see a continuation of inspector Manderville's misadventures, as well as the next chapter of Tataru's Grand Endeavour.

As players tackle endgame content in The Dark Throne, they will obtain the new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy, allowing them to purchase Item Level 650 gear in Radz-at-Han. Furthermore, Final Fantasy 14 will be seeing balance adjustments to certain jobs, as Warrior, Paladin, and Gunbreaker especially will receive buffs to better compete with Dark Knight. Player vs. Player content is similarly getting some quality-of-life changes, as Naoki Yoshida introduced the new hellhound weapon upgrades coming to Crystalline Conflict, and a much-needed user interface revamp to Frontlines.

The fateful fight with Golbez will take place on the Voidcast Dais, the new Extreme trial in Patch 6.4, teased with a playable demo by Final Fantasy 14‘s producer during the Live Letter. With mechanics eerily reminiscent of Hades Extreme, players should expect a suitable challenge when squaring off against the lord of the Four Fiends. In terms of more difficult content, the Savage version of Anabaseios is launching on May 30, while the new variant dungeon in Final Fantasy 14 takes place on Mount Rokkon.

Cosmetics and glamours in Final Fantasy 14 will allow players even further flexibility in Patch 6.4, as they will be able to have up to a hundred item sets saved from the get-go. Moreover, the winning entries of Endwalker‘s Weapon Design Contest will be added to the game as items purchasable through the new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy, with matching armor designed by the team at Square Enix. With a release date of May 23, Final Fantasy 14 players can expect to see even more details on The Dark Throne through its official patch notes.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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