Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite Season 5

Although challenges have disappeared in Fortnite Season 5, Epic Games still has plenty for us to do each week in the form of quests, and one of the latest ones has us tracking down three car parts.

Luckily, these parts won’t have us scouring across all parts of the map, but will instead keep us close to Dirty Docks and a nearby junkyard.

The parts you’re looking for are very small and might not even look like parts at first, but you should know them when you see them.

All you’ll have to do is go up to each one of them and interact for a second or so. Once you do this, the challenge will be done and all of this XP will be yours to keep. Here’s where to look.

Fortnite Car Parts Locations

fortnite car parts

Courtesy of a map from Fortnite.gg, we know exactly where to look for the Fortnite car parts, and all of them are going to be on the east side of the map near Dirty Docks.

One of the parts will actually be found in this POI, while the other two can be gathered in the junkyard that is going to be west of the location.

You should be able to snatch up each of these parts in a single match if you land uncontested. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to do either, so you could even get decent loot and win the game if you want to.

Are Challenges Coming Back?

It’s not looking like we should expect challenges to return this season, but the quests are practically the exact same thing, so we can’t be too upset.

If you’re missing the old name, then you will more than likely have to wait until Season 6 starts for a return to that. Of course, nobody knows what’s going on except for Epic, and considering we’re still months away, it shouldn’t be something you worry about.

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