Fortnite Alien Nanites Add New Crafting Options

While Fortnite Season 6 may have been the season of with the addition of Makeshift weapons that could be transformed into Primal Weapons or their traditional counterparts, Season 7 has its own going on.

The new Nanites which came as part of a July 6 hotfix add a new mechanic into the game. No, it’s not going to be bringing Primal Shotguns or anything like that back, but instead you’ll be able to create your own alien weapons.

If you’re a fan of the alien weaponry but find yourself struggling to get your hands on it, then these nanites will definitely come in handy.

Like the Nuts and Bolts that can be found in Season 7, the Alien Nanites will slot right in as a new crafting material. Here’s how it all works following this mini update.

How to Make Alien Guns

To make an alien weapon, you need the Alien Nanites. You’ll be able to create a Kymera Ray Gun, a Pulse Rifle and a Rail Gun.

As for where you’ll find the nanites, you shouldn’t have a ton of trouble with that. You can find them just about anywhere whether that’s the ground, on top of Abductors or inside of the Mothership itself.

Unlike the Nuts and Bolts, picking up a Nanite Cube will take up a slot in your inventory, so you’ll have to drop something in your arsenal to pick one up.

It’s worth mentioning that these Nanites are in Arena at the moment, which seems to be a mistake because it would bring Rail Guns back into the mode.

In case you didn’t know, Rail Guns were removed from all competitive playlists earlier in the season, so we’ll have to see if Epic meant for that to happen or if they’ll be getting rid of them.

If you’re not really a fan of creating these alien guns, there’s another way to use them entirely.

Create a Low-Gravity Zone

fortnite-alien-nanites-add-new-crafting-optionsEpic Games

If you want to have fun with the game without alien guns, then consider throwing an Alien Nanite down on the group so it creates a low-gravity biome.

Fortnite explains this as recreating the alien atmosphere on the island, so wherever the aliens hail from have lower gravity, which is interesting to think of.

The way this biome works is you have no first-shot accuracy when you’re in the air and it feels a bit like swimming. You’ll just float around in the air and if you want to hit the ground again, you’ll want to crouch for a quick descent.

Anybody in this area will be under the same effects as you, so you might find yourself getting into some pretty crazy fights if you use one at the right time.

It makes for an interesting mechanic in the game, but it’s unclear if it’ll actually change to way anybody players. At the very least, it’s something new and fun to play with, so if you do find an Alien Nanite on the ground, you’ll have some options.

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