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The sixth season of Fortnite arrived this morning and brought with it Halloween-ready additions to the map, new pets, and a short-lived animation that drew attention for all the wrong reasons. The disturbingly unnatural seen below have since been , and Fortnite developers are expressing their regret for the amusing mishap.

Twitter user Agony was the first to bring the anomaly to public attention, posting a video of the bizarre animation to Twitter with the caption “The most important thing in the Season 6 update.” Almost immediately, Twitter was alight with GIFs, witticisms, and general expressions of shock in response to Game’s blunder. It seems the only ones not enjoying the awkward display are working in the PR department at Games.

Epic Games was quick to issue a statement and take full responsibility for its mistake, telling Tech, “This is unintended, , and it was careless for us to let this ship. We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.”

For those looking to witness the phenomenon firsthand, it may be too late. Epic Games wrote on Twitter shortly after the animation went viral and said that it had temporarily “disabled elements of our animation system.” Assuming the developers are dedicating hard resources to implementing a fix, preserved captures and Twitter posts may be the only lasting evidence.

Considering everything else arriving with Season 6 of , which includes gameplay changes and new weapons, a new shadow stone item, and cosmetics, such a minor stumble surely won’t do anything to weaken Fortnite‘s massive player base. In fact, the studio is likely laughing along with the rest of the community behind the curtains.

Now that everyone’s had a good, hearty chuckle, it’s time to look forward to what else Fortnite has to offer for its sixth season. It’s already been revealed that new cosmetics would be dropping through the duration of Season 6, however, a recent datamine is giving players a look at some new season 6 skins.

Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale is available to download today.

Source: Tech

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