Fortnite Brie Larson Bundle Has a Surprise For Fans

It's no that actress Brie Larson is a big fan of Fortnite and gaming in general as she has shown off her love for it no numerous occasions.

The Captain Marvel actress has spoken before about her favorite Fortnite drop spots and her love for Season 4, which was when all of the Marvel characters were making their appearances.

She even acknowledged the arrival of Captain Marvel in Fortnite – the point is that Larson is a big fan of gaming and it should come as no that her and Epic Games have teamed up with a special locker .

These bundles are usually given to streamers, but celebrities should work all the same. The idea behind them is to give players the chance to wear the same cosmetics their favorite creators wear.

They are hand picked by who's being featured, so there is a sense of care that goes into the choices. This variant of Bushranger picked by Larson has a hidden tease for .

Brie Larson's Bundle

Bushranger probably isn't one of the more popular skins in Fortnite, but that's not going to stop players from picking this bundle up.

Coming with a matching back bling and pickaxe, it's easy to see how somebody would want to rock this entire bundle.

If you look closely, you'll see the Bushranger in this bundle has a necklace that says “BB” around its neck. This actually means something and isn't just there for show.

According to Larson herself, this means Bush Babies and by wearing this skin, she'll consider you part of her squad.

Obviously, it doesn't mean you'll just start playing with her, but in a video celebrating the arrival of this bundle, she says she'll reveal her Fortnite name soon so you'll know if you come across her.

At the very least, you'll be able to become an honorary member of the Bush Babies if you start rocking this skin.

Get in Line

As soon as players began to catch wind of that announcement, they immediately started asking if they could play with her.

A trio of creators including McCreamy, Lazarbeam and Fresh all asked if they could play with her. While she didn't respond to them, she did ask if fellow MCU star Tessa Thompson would be available to play at some point.

In case you didn't know, Brie Larson has a YouTube channel where she uploads all sorts of things, and it's looking like a Fortnite video could be in the cards very soon.

Of course, when that happens her Epic name will be out in the open, so let's hope she's prepared to either accept or deny a lot of friend requests.

It's a good thing that Fortnite allows you to auto-decline friend requests because we're sure they would come pouring in.

One downside of this is now you'll be seeing a lot of players using this skin in the wild, so there's no way of telling who it is until you eliminate them or are eliminated yourself.

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