Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 titled Invasion trailer dropped

finally launched the trailer for its upcoming Chapter 2, 7, titled Invasion. The trailer is available both on Twitter and YouTube. The new season is expected to launch later, on June 8, 2021. The trailer perfectly gives us a glimpse into the storyline to have some idea as to what to expect from the new and weird season.

In the trailer we see a massive spaceship descending upon the island of Sprie which has a history of such occurrences, but what makes it different this time is a question that could be answered only after Fortnite launches the season. The trailer also shows the unknown spaceship swallow up a piece of the island before dropping an all-too-familiar character into the ocean who was imprisoned inside the Sprie during the Primal season.

There were a few too many rumors surrounding the new season, and a few sources had claimed that the new season of Fortnite would make use of some of the contents of the famous show Rick and Morty. The trailer only confirms that Rick and Morty’s animated universe will collide with Fortnite as we see Rick giving commands to a Fortnite character. Onboard the spaceship, we get to see Rick Sanchez standing behind a desk.  The trailer also vaguely alludes to Superman as we get to see his Clark Kent persona sitting behind his desk in the trailer.

For the past few weeks, many players have been noticing strange abductions take place within the game itself, which acted as a prelude to the introduction of the Invasion season. Moreover, there was a downed aircraft mission in the game that hinted at alien visitors from space.

Fortnite also revealed the contents of the battle pass alongside this trailer.

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