Fortnite Could Add Another Mobility Option For Halloween

One thing that used to be a major complaint in was the lack of across the massive map, but that hasn't really been much of an issue with Season 4.

In this season alone, we have Choppas, cars and boats to traverse the terrain, and when you couple that with Impulse Grenades, spicy peppers, Crash Pads, and ziplines, there are more ways to get around the map than ever.

But, that isn't stopping Epic from adding even more ways to get around in this season and this latest Fortnitemares leak suggests that at least one more item will be coming to the game, even if it is temporary. Here's what we know about the upcoming broom item.

New Brooms Incoming?

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, who has leaked a bunch of other upcoming Fortnitemares details, suggest that brooms could be arriving as a new mobility option in Season 4.

Adding new items as part of an event is nothing new in Fortnite, so Fortnitemares would be a perfect time to add something like a witch's broom.

This evidence is further backed up by the fact that there's also a loot box in the files called “Broom Box,” which could be how players will find these new items on the map.

As for how they'll control, that remains to be seen, but it'd be pretty cool to see something like the Drift Boards come back.

How Likely Is This?

Considering how reliable HYPEX has been over the years in leaking Fortnite stuff, we expect this leak to be on the money.

Now, the question remains of when Epic will actually add the new brooms into the game. If they're waiting until the start of Fortnitemares, then we're likely still a few weeks out from that.

Two weeks of challenges leaked at once with the newest update, which would seemingly indicate we'll be going an extra week without a patch.

When the next update does finally arrive, we expect that will be the official start of Fortnitemares.

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