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Fortnite‘s long-running purple cube meta event has come to its conclusion. The purple cube, which has been traveling across the Fortnite map since it arrived in late August, has dissolved into . The lake’s has now transformed into a gigantic bounce pad, featuring the same digitized look of the purple cube’s sides.

For now, it appears that Loot Lake will remain transformed into a giant purple bounce pad on Fortnite‘s live servers. The purple cube itself is entirely gone, and has been dissolved completely. Loot Lake’s transformation, going by Fortnite‘s history, is likely impermanent in the long term and only the latest chapter in an ongoing meta event. What will come next and how soon it will occur is anyone’s guess.

Looking toward the future, Fortnite‘s Season 6 is slated to begin sometime soon. Best estimates point towards September 25 as the likely date for the season’s beginning. That means if something big is going to happen in Loot Lake, it will likely happen within the next week. Some leaks point toward a volcano forming at Look Lake’s location, akin to Moisty Mire‘s transformation into a desert at the start of Season 5.

Some details regarding Season 6 in Fortnite have already been leaked or revealed, though they’re unlikely to be related to the ongoing purple cube/Loot Lake meta event. Balloon consumables are planned to be added that will allow players to soar upwards or slow their own fall. Season 6 will also include Halloween, so players can expect a selection of holiday-themed content at the end of October. Last year’s content included pumpkin rocket launchers and skeleton costumes. But will Hexsylvania return?

Less confirmed are leaks tied to the addition of both pets and weapon skins. Epic is known to be working on such content, but whether it will be ready for Season 6 or some point later remains unknown. What is certain is that Epic Games absolutely has some surprises in store for Fortnite players. There’s a reason that Fortnite remains 2018’s biggest success story. The purple cube’s demise and Loot Lake’s transformation are only the beginning.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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