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Without a doubt, Epic Games has been keeping the wildly popular multiplayer sandbox survival shooter regularly stocked with fresh guns, especially since the video game developer recently pushed out the title's Season 5 update. Now, though, a of the game files suggest that yet another new could be on the way, but this time the firearm could have some controversy attached to it.

According to the Twitter account known as TwoEpicBuddies, Fortnite Battle Royale may be about to get a new legendary sniper rifle which can fire bullets that have the capacity to penetrate surfaces in the game. To be more accurate, it is being described as a legendary sniper rifle that has bullets with the ability to pierce through the first wall they hit, which means that players' first line defense – be it through crouching behind a wall in a building or building a barrier on the fly – won't offer any protection against the weapon.


As not now, Epic Games has not yet offered an open and official announcement regarding the aforementioned legendary sniper rifle, but the Fortnite developer rarely does when it comes to new guns, save for showing them as updates on the way in the title's in-game news feed. With this being the case, if the is correct, then the powerful weapon will either roll out with next week's content patch, or be added as a firearm only available in a fresh Limited Time Mode soon.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see how the Fortnite Battle Royale community responds should the legendary sniper rifle find its way into the game, as the player base often dishes out high doses of feedback that Epic Games more often than not takes into account. The latest weapon added – that is, the Compact SMG – was initially dubbed by many as being too OP due to its extremely high damage output and fast fire rates, so it's safe to presume the sniper rifle with the ability to shoot through walls will have its detractors.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with an Android release aiming for summer 2018.

Source: TwoEpicBuddies – Twitter

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