Fortnite DC Comics Crossovers Continue Into Season 7

Something that players have had to look forward in Season 6 is Batman’s return to the island.

Currently, he’s set up shop in a shack to the southwest corner of the map outside of Slurpy Swamp. Since that shack appeared, there hasn’t been much else happening outside of a few skin releases.

Well, since Season 6 is meant to wrap up in early June, that leaves us in an interesting situation. The final issue of the Batman/Fortnite miniseries releases July 6, which is well into the start of Season 7.

What this means is the shack should be staying on the island for quite a while still and it does confirm that Batman is on the island through the end of Season 6.

What Does This Mean?

As of right now, it’s tough to tell if this means anything going forward since Batman hasn’t really done much to the in-game world as of yet.

Issue 3 releases on May 18, so there’s a chance we could see some small changes then, but even that is up in the air.

This series was being billed as something that’s vital to the overall lore of Fortnite, but it hasn’t really panned out that way as of yet. We’re only halfway through the series, so there’s still a chance that the final three issues will have some bombshells in them.

The new issues release on Tuesdays, so there was definitely an opportunity to come out with special updates to coincide with the release of the , but we haven’t seen anything major happen on that front either.

More DC Characters?

Something that this prolonged comic series could mean for Fortnite is more DC characters entering the fold.

As part of the series, we’ve seen a new Batman, Harley Quinn and Catwoman skin come to the game with a Deathstroke one on the way.

Of course, the Battle Pass features a Teen Titans Raven skin and she was later joined by Beast Boy. Perhaps there’s a chance that this roster will grow even more as Robin, Cyborg and Starfire will be needed to fully round out the team.

With this crossover extending into Season 7, there’s plenty of time for the developers to add more DC characters, if they want to go down that path of course.

Crossovers are nothing new in Fortnite and we do have a decent idea of where Epic is going next thanks to their lawsuit with Apple.

We’re still waiting on a LeBron James Icon Series skin that was meant to arrive last year. Speculation was that it’d arrive as part of the NBA Team Battles event, but that never came into fruition.

There’s still time for it to arrive, but it might not be for this season. What has a better chance of coming is more characters from the DC universe, so keep your eyes open for that.

Season 7 is still a little while away, so let’s see if Epic has any more surprises up their sleeves. What DC character would you still like to see?

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