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It seems that the arrival of Fortnite Season 6 has made players more competitive than ever. Over the past couple of weeks, many of the game’s records have been smashed as players work hard to 1-up each other and be crowned as one of the best Fortnite players (even if it is only for a few days). The latest Fortnite record to be broken is a PC duos kill record.

A French Fortnite player named Payamz completed a match with 35 eliminations, which is the new record for most kills by a solo player in a duos match. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Payamz, the player gets an impressive 16 kills before hitting top 30 and then taking out 19 more.

While that title is slightly confusing, it is an impressive one to hold. Payamz is also a world-record holder given that the player is a relative unknown. The previous record holders were Belgian player Klaivert “Teeqzy” Dervishi and French player Grégory “XEWER” Boye, who both got 31 kills in a match.

Both Teeqzy and XEWER are professional Fortnite players who have competed in the Fortnite Skirmish tournaments and Teeqzy also holds multiple world records for the game. In comparison, Payamz has under 1,000 subscribers on YouTube – though this figure has risen to 878 subscribers since the news of the world record-breaking feat.

Unsurprisingly, many are asking when or if Payamz will be picked up by a Fortnite esports team. The Fortnite esports scene is huge and is growing rapidly, with Epic Games having announced plans to offer $100 million in prize funds during the first esports season for the game. With such world-record-breaking skills, some Fortnite fans will feel that Payamz has a good chance of getting at least a small slice of that humungous prize pot.

Though, it’s understandable if the Fortnite player wants to stay humble and isn’t interested in the professional scene. Massively popular Fortnite streamer Ninja has himself revealed that he has no plans to become a competitive player due to the grueling work required in terms of training and traveling to and from events.


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