How to Complete Fortnite “Escape” Hidden Challenge

If you've been keeping up with the gnome storyline in Fortnite throughout Season 4, then you're likely trying to figure out just what they are doing.

As it turns out, there's yet another hidden live in the game that continues the gnome storyline, but it also looks like this could potentially be the last time we see them based off what actually happens when we see them.

This isn't the only hidden challenge available this week as you'll also have to cleanse the tanks, but once you finish that, you won't have to go much further to another.

Here's how to finish off the hidden challenge.

Watch The Gnome “Escape”

NEW HIDDEN CHALLENGE: Escape (10K XP) from FortNiteBR

Full disclosure: I was just playing the game when I came across this, so I wasn't able to actually get the footage myself, so thankfully Reddit user BlazeInferno06 was able to grab it for you.

Like the other hidden challenge from this week, this one will also be done in Slurpy Swamp, so that could end up being a popular drop spot this season, outside of the reason of just getting free shields.

You're just going to have to be on the lookout for a lone gnome who will blast off as soon as you come close to it. This can be found in a building's hallway on the north side of the location.

It looks like he just zips around for a little bit before exploding, which could prove to be the end of their plan. At least you can say they went out with a bang.

This Has to Be the End, Right?

We know the gnomes have proven to be very resilient, but it looks like this could end up being their end because it's really hard to come back after exploding.

Of course, we saw Midas come back after being eaten by a shark, so stranger things can certainly happen.

We'll find out for sure what's going on when the next week of challenges pop up, so keep an eye for any gnome funny business throughout the duration of Season 4.

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