Fortnite Fan Thinks Epic Stole Their Idea for Grimbles Skin

A few days ago, the Fortnite Item Shop ran a new rare , dubbed Grimbles, which was seemingly inspired by the gnomes around the battle island. But one Fortnite disagrees, arguing that it was taken from a concept that they designed and posted about eight months ago.

This fan, known online as yg99, had designed a concept he called “the Woodland Warriors.” As seen below, his concept was a pair of gnomish brothers, Klaus and David, out on a quest for revenge. And when compared to the Grimbles skin, there are a few striking similarities such as Klaus's facial features, shirt, and David's hat. At the end of the day, though, it doesn't appear as if yg99 is mad about the similarities.In fact, the user simply stated that they were “mind blown” when they saw the skin in the Item Shop. It was likely a similar feeling to when the fan-made Tender Defender skin was added to the game, but while yg99 believes his concept inspired Grimbles, other Redditors aren't so sure.

fortnite woodland warriors

It's worth mentioning that yg99's “Woodland Warriors” were inspired by gnomes already on the Battle Island, thus making the similarities inevitable. Moreover, most of the similarities are actually rather common traits of gnomes in general, as pointed out by user TeaTimeKoshi: “Not only is that a stereotypical gnome look, but the pointy hat and pointy beard were already established as the chosen look if a gnome skin were to come.”

All things considered, there's no definitive way to determine whether or not Games took inspiration from this concept or not. On the one hand, Epic does a swell job of keeping an ear to the ground on the desires of its fan base, so it's not outside of the realm of possibility. On the other hand, it seems likely that Epic would have acknowledged and given the fan credit if so.

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