‘Fortnite’ for Android will reportedly be a timed Galaxy Note 9 exclusive | Gaming

Epic Games previously revealed that the version of Fortnite would be bypassing the Google Play store in favor of the company’s own platform, but things have gotten a little more interesting. It appears the game will actually launch as a timed Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive, so you might have to wait a little longer before you can get that Victory Royale on the go — but those who do have the device will get some sweet rewards.

Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 at a launch event on August 9, and according to 9to5Google, Fortnite will launch on Android as a timed 30-day exclusive for the phone — most likely on August 24. Pre-ordering the phone will reportedly get your account between $100 and $150 in the game’s V-Bucks.

Data-miners managed to uncover a few different skins scheduled to arrive in Fortnite in the future, and among them is a “Galaxy” skin that doesn’t look like it will be for sale to the general public. This likely means it will be available as some type of promotional goodie, which would make perfect sense if the reports about the Note 9 exclusivity turn out to be true.

The latest content update for Fortnite added the Double Barrel Shotgun to battle royale, which should be perfect for those looking to fight up close and personal, and a limited-time “Steady Storm” mode alters the map by continually shrinking and eliminating safe zones. “Playground” is also back, giving you a chance to explore the battle royale map for a full hour and disabling the storm for a full 55 minutes. It’s a great opportunity to practice strategies with friends, and you can build and test structures without having to worry about getting sniped. If you do die, however, you’ll respawn.

Fortnite is currently available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. All supported platforms can cross-play with each other, though the PlayStation 4 cannot connect to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One players. Those who have an Epic Games account associated with a PlayStation console are also barred from using the same account on Nintendo Switch, though Sony said it’s looking into a solution for players.

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