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6 of Fortnite has now entered 3, bringing with it a few additions to the game such as the quad launcher and the Disco Domination LTM. Of course, one of the mainstays from to is the addition of more to season’s list. Week 3’s challenges went live today, and here is how to each one.

It’s worth mentioning that the first set–that is, the Free Challenges–are available to every Fortnite player. The second set–the Battle Pass challenges–require the player to purchase the game’s Battle Pass. Without further ado, here are this week’s Free Challenges and Battle Pass challenges:

Free Challenges

Fortnite Disco Domination LTM

Revive a player in different matches (0/5)

This challenge is straightforward, requiring the player to play at least five different matches where they revive a player. It ought to be easier to do in 50v50, but squads and duos are viable options, too.

At the very least, this challenge should make teammates somewhat more amicable in 50v50. It would be easier, however, if this stim-gun concept was ever put into the game.

Stage 1: Search a chest in Lonely Lodge (0/1)

Once again, this is a standard challenge where players will visit different locations to search a chest. Likely, players have been through this a number of enough times, so this challenge isn’t very tough. However, the next can be.

Damage Trap eliminations (0/1)

The Damage Trap elimination challenge only requires one kill, but it does require some finesse and skill. For some, this can be quite maddening, because traps are easily spotted and can take some time to set up. Players will just need to keep an eye out for traps and either 1v1 situations where the enemy can be lured or quick building scenarios where this can be dropped quickly.

Battle Pass

fortnite tomato toy emote throw

Stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in the same match (0/1)

First up on this week’s battle pass challenge is visiting two locations in the same match. These aren’t difficult and should come rather simply, as one will just need to go to both Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in a single match.

Hit a player with a Tomato 15m away or more (0/1)

This challenge requires players to be at least rank 28 on the Battle Pass. Then, players will need to stand at least 15m away and hit the player with a tomato.

While this seems simple, trying it against enemies will likely result in a death. It is possible instead to hit a teammate with the Tomato, which should be easier to accomplished.

Complete timed trials (HARD)(0/3)

These trials are back and will require players to return a platform-based speed challenge to complete. There are four discovered on the map so far, so players should just be mindful and keep their eyes open.

Eliminate opponents in different matches (0/10)

This challenge shouldn’t be particularly difficult, but it will require kills across 10 different matches. 50v50 would be the best option for less-skilled players, but this should come naturally throughout play of this battle royale game.

Although there is plenty more to come in Fortnite Season 6, these Week 3 challenges should be around for a while. Be sure to check back for more guides, tips, and news, Ranters!

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. A beta is currently taking place on Android.

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