Fortnite iOS Players Are Getting Free V-Bucks

If you’re a player who was playing on iOS up until Season 4 when the updates stopped coming, it sounds like Epic Games wants to reward you with some V-Bucks.

After Fortnite was famously removed from the App Store, Fortnite players on iOS devices were left with Season 3 content indefinitely or were forced to switch to a different platform.

If you’re somebody who had to do that, depending on how many V-Bucks you had on your account at the time of the announcement, it appears like you’ll be rewarded with some V-Bucks.

Here’s how it works.

V-Bucks For iOS

Epic explains that that they have begun to grant players who have played on this platform V-Bucks and the process will be finished on November 9.

Now, you won’t just get V-Bucks just by playing on iOS before, but it comes down to a few things.

“For Mac players: Anyone that’s previously played Fortnite on Mac receives a bonus equal to your current balance of unspent V-Bucks purchased from Epic.”

This sounds like even if you didn’t purchase the V-Bucks while on a Mac, you’ll still be rewarded with double of whatever your current number of V-Bucks is if you’ve played on one before.

As for iOS players, it appears it’ll only be what you purchased through Apple itself.

If the wording is a tad confusing, just know that it sounds like you’ll be rewarded with some amount of V-Bucks if you’ve ever bought anything while on a Mac or iOS device.

Since your Epic account is connected, you’ll be able to spend these V-Bucks on any platform, whether it’s iOS or something else.

Is Fortnite Coming Back?

Unfortunately, there’s no indication that the lawsuit keeping Fortnite off iOS devices is set to end any time soon.

If you’re a player on an Apple device, you’ll likely still have to find another way to play once Season 5 rolls around. Fortnite will still be playable as it currently is for those players, but you’ll be behind several seasons by that point.

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