Fortnite Leak Reveals Final Destination of Each Cube

The official name of Season 8 is “Cubed,” and that’s a very fitting name for it.

At the start of this season, we saw all sorts of cubes fall from the Mothership and land onto the island. While many players hoped it would result in map changes in terms of POIs, it’s clear these large objects had a big impact on the world.

For starters, we have all sorts of Sideways areas created as a result of the cube anomalies. You can go into these and scoop up a bunch of new weapons, including a Mythic Minigun if you spend enough time the+re.

Perhaps an even bigger deal is these cubes that landed on the map are moving around on their own. We’ve seen this happen before in Fortnite, notably with Kevin the Cube, so this looks like a repeat of that.

The grandmaster of them all, the golden cube, appears to be moving towards the center of the map, and that is where the plan will really kick into gear.

At this point on, we’re diving into spoiler territory for the season because we have no idea how long this journey will take.

Spoilers from this point on.

Leak Reveals Final Location of Cubes

On September 16, reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX tweeted an image of a map showing the exact paths that all of the cubes are going to be taking.

The purple ones are following the purple lines while the gold one is taking the yellow path.

If you follow each of the lines to their conclusion, they will all eventually arrive in the center of the map. From there, another leak has told us the gold one will begin to levitate and all of them will shoot beams up into the sky.

It sounds like an end of season event, but considering how early we learned this information, we hope Epic has different plans ready for us because it would be underwhelming to already know how the season ends.

Get Ready For a Long Season

If we already know this much about what Epic has planned for us, then this could end up being an action-packed season.

There’s little reason to suspect that this is all Epic has ready for Season 8, so the cubes might end up being just the beginning.

A lot of players want real map changes and different POIs, so the cubes could end up being the key to all of that happening.

We’re just days into the season, so don’t expect everything to have everything happen at once, but it is nice to know that the developers do have some things planned.

It’s always disappointing to go into a new season with nothing happening in it, so this is a nice change of pace. Let’s just hope those cubes don’t cause too much damage to the island because that won’t make the island dwellers all that happy.

Season 8 has only just begun, so relax and take your time.

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