Fortnite Leaker Claims Modding Support Is Coming

Throughout the entirety's of 's life, there has never been mod support, which isn't really all that surprising given how it's a persistent online game where you compete against other players.

Many PC games do have mod support, but it's not often you'll see multiplayer shooters have mod support as they'll oftentimes give you an unfair edge over the competition, and that's even more so true in a game like Fortnite where it's cross-play with other platforms.

With that said, a well-known Fortnite has now come right out and said mod support will be coming to the game in the future. What that means remains unclear for the time being, but it'll be interesting to see how that's implemented if the leak is true.

Are Mods Coming?

Prominent Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has bluntly said modding support will be coming to the game.

Now, he doesn't exactly say what that'll mean as he doesn't know the extent in which it'll be supported.

It's very easy to point out various spots where mods would make a different in Fortnite, such as showing you automatically where chests spawn, but that would obviously give you too much of an edge in the game.

If Epic Games does want to actually implement something like this, they could make it only possible in Creative, which is a place where it wouldn't really matter a whole lot.

When Would This Be Added?

It seems like the ship has already sailed on anything else being added for Season 4 as we've already gotten the last update with v14.60.

However, once the season wraps up on December 1, then it's fair game for new things to be added. With Season 5 being another fresh start, that would be a perfect time for big new additions to appear.

Of course, modding isn't exactly confirmed by an official source, the fact it's coming from such a reliable leaker has to mean something. Only time will tell.

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