Fortnite Mothership Appears on Track to Destroy a POI

Just a few days ago, the Fortnite mothership appeared to be going to the southeast corner of the map for some reason.

There has been a theory backed up by prominent leakers that Coral Castle would be obliterated and replaced with something new. The mothership certainly appears to have the capability to do that, but we haven’t seen anything indicating that it would.

Instead, it looked like the massive UFO was moving as far away from the area as possible, which would definitely confuse people who thought it was going to wipe out Coral Castle.

Fast forward to now and it looks like it has corrected its course and it could have this POI in its sights.

Is Coral Castle a Goner?

Thanks to a series of screenshots from Fortnite leaker HYPEX, we’ve been able to track the UFOs movements since the season began and it looks like it’s shifting back up the island and could even make its way over to Coral Castle.

As of June 28, the mothership has changed directions and is now almost covering the entirety of the east side of the map. If it keeps its current course, it could find itself hovering over Coral Castle in a matter of days.

It’s not looking like this week will be giving us a new update, so perhaps next week and the v17.20 could give us a whole new POI. Not a lot is known about the plans for Coral Castle outside of it being destroyed, but we do know a big crater will be formed and something should take its place.

Coral Castle has been a polarizing location ever since its release. It was an exciting place to explore when Aquaman came to the game, but it hasn’t really seen many changes since then and it has become very stale. If you don’t like maxing out on brick each game, there’s not a lot to do here.

More POI Changes

This giant mothership might make a pitstop or two along the way to Coral Castle if other leaks are to be believed.

It has been reported that Holly Hedges will be transforming to Holly Hatchery at some point, but it’s not yet clear if the mothership will have anything to do with that transformation.

Something that could link the two together is the fact that this location isn’t too far away from Coral Castle, and the left side of the map could use some love as it hasn’t been changed a lot in Chapter 2.

Perhaps in the next update, Holly Hedges will be invaded by the new Alien Parasites that increase your movement speed but drain your health.

If you’re somebody who likes to try out the new things that Fortnite has to offer, then this hatchery sounds like it’ll be right up your alley. Details about its alleged transformation are still scarce, but the change should happen sooner rather than later.

The mothership might still have a few more tricks up its sleeves and we’ll be excited to see how it all plays out over the course of Season 7.

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