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And we’ve got some new details about Monopoly Fortnite.

As part of a partnership between Epic Games and Hasbro that will also see the release of a Monopoly Fornite board, Hasbro will release a line of officially licensed Nerf Fortnite blasters in spring 2019.

A Hasbro representative told Tech the blasters “will immerse fans into the player-versus-player action of the game, letting them play out the Battle Royale in real-world settings with blasters and accessories that emulate the onscreen battles Fortnite is known for.”

Hasbro also confirmed to Tech the earlier report about a Fortnite Monopoly board game. Monopoly Fortnite will be sold at most major retailers starting on Oct. 1, sooner than the Nov. 26 release date that was initially reported. That original story has been updated to reflect this new information.

In describing the board game, Hasbro promised it would bring “a battle-building twist to the iconic fast-dealing property trading game.” Hasbro also provided Tech with exclusive new images of Monopoly Fortnite, which can be seen above.

Of course, fans won’t need to wait until Oct. 1 to get fresh Fortnite content. The High Stakes event is now live, the mysterious Fortnite cube is on the move, and Week 9 of Season 5 has new challenges.

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