Fortnite Players Call on Epic to Fix Team Rumble

While the Battle Royale portion of might be the most popular part of the game, there’s a dedicated group of players who spend most of their time in Team Rumble.

For many players, the mode is a way to get challenges and quests done with ease as it’s a lot more casual than your typical Battle Royale lobby would be, and you can respawn after being eliminated.

However, doing something as simple as quests has become a chore in Team Rumble as the changes made to the mode have changed it in a big way.

Instead of spending the start of the match looting up, or questing, before the storm closes, players are instead immediately corralled to a certain part of the map and forced to fight.

Epic likely did this because this is what they meant for the mode to mean. With a name like Team Rumble, they probably thought it should be more action packed than it previously was.

The end of result is a mixed bag that has fans frequently calling for a return to how the mode once was.

Some Players Call it Unplayable

Reddit user HeyItsYonder called Team Rumble “unplayable” and included a screenshot of a moving zone.

Previously, Team Rumble was just meant to get players into a small area and have them fight until a score limit is reached. Nowadays, it’s almost simulating an actual lobby, complete with moving zones. With Season 7, the game automatically starts in the second zone.

If you’re somebody who just wants to hop on Fortnite and have fun for an hour or so, it’s likely that you won’t want to go through any of the hassle that comes with that. Some players do like to use the mode to practice mechanics, and Team Rumble is still good for that, but casual players have seen the mode transform into something they no longer recognize.

Another issue the mode consistently runs into is lobbies just emptying out before the game is over. Rarely do the games ever reach the score limit, so either you’re forced to leave early as well, or you have to grind it out in a 3v1 or something like that.

Will It Ever Change Back?

Epic Games

Considering Team Rumble has been trending this way for a while now, it’s unclear if the developers are considering a return to how the mode once was.

There was a period in time where Team Rumble was popular enough to become its own standalone mode, so it’s clear there is a dedicated fanbase that plays this mode.

For some, Team Rumble is the only mode they play in Fortnite. If we had to guess, we’d guess that the mode will be staying the same for the remainder of this season at least. It hasn’t been changed in a while, so there’s really no reason to expect it to change now.

This is definitely a tough pill to swallow for fans of the mode, but it looks like they’ll either have to get used to the way Team Rumble is now or find something else to play. Perhaps they will have a loud enough voice to force Epic to make a change. Only time will tell.

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