Fortnite Players Make RIPFortnite Trend on Twitter, Here’s Why

has been one of the most successful games in the battle royale genre because of its unique building mechanics and frequent updates. The game is still giving players more content with a steady stream of content, yet surprisingly Fortnite seems to have fallen out of favor with a lot of players. The hashtag #RIPFortnite has begun trending on and the comments from players seem to focus on a perceived fall from grace for the popular title.

The battle royale genre is becoming increasingly contested yet Fortnite managed to retain its player base through its mechanics and content. With that said, certain players think that the free-to-play survival shooter lost its way with its updates and no longer has the same appeal. While games often draw subjective opinions, the developer of the title, Epic Games, will want to address the issues raised before players leave the title.

The battle royale game has been the focus of some criticism of late, including frustrations at skill-based matchmaking and server issues. Despite these problems, it is surprising that so many players are willing to claim that the game is dead. The reason for the dissatisfaction is varied and there doesn’t seem to be one feature added or removed that has annoyed players.

For every individual, there will be a different drop-off point, but many are pointing to season 2 and looking back with heavy nostalgia at times before the black hole event. Every title experiences negative and positive press, and it will be interesting to see how Epic Games addresses the issues players are raising.

Many games have had to ride backlash, although it should be noted that this is usually at the inception of the game and not three years into the lifespan of the title. This does not mean that Epic Games cannot breathe new life into Fortnite and the game still has a huge player base that seems content. With many players using the hashtag stating that they miss the old map, Epic Games may look into reinstating a throwback to how the original game was.

Fortnite still has an incredible amount of players, and it will be fascinating to see if Epic Games invests time and energy in regaining players who seem to have tired with the title. The developer may focus on retaining its current players and attribute the hashtag as a natural part of the game’s life cycle. Either way, it seems that there are plenty of players who are nostalgic for how Fortnite used to be.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, IOS, Android, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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