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A quick and swift exit.

The Fortnite 5.4 Update has removed the controversial Drum with no warning or notice when the patch went live this morning.

For weeks, Fortnite players have debated the Drum Gun’s superb usefulness in a variety of different situations and what lengths Epic should go to balance the weapon. It features a quick and easy spray technique with a fast rate of fire that can mow down nearby enemies and even those at longer ranges. It can also rip through enemy buildings putting other assault rifles to shame and making the Minigun and Light Machine Gun obsolete.

While recent nerfs brought the Drum Gun’s accuracy and falloff damage down a bit, the weapon continued to spark debate the community.

The Drum Gun was originally added at the tail end of Season 4 back on July 3. You can see a list of every weapon vaulted in Fortnite here.

Although the removal of the Drum Gun is certainly shocking, it wasn’t the only change to Fortnite in the new patch. The Suppressed Assault Rifle is an epic and legendary weapon the requires precise aiming and deals 32/33 damage per shot. Several bugs were fixed for the High Stakes LTM as well. You can read the full 5.4 Content Update patch notes here.

Michael Koczwara is Tech’s Weekend Web Producer who calmly agrees with the decision. Follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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