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Fortnite Season 6 is almost here, with Epic Games formally announcing that the latest version of the battle royale phenomenon will launch on 27 September.

A teaser image showing a robotic lama was published by the official social media channels of Fortnite’s developer on Monday, though it is not clear what this signifies.

A short message accompanied the image: “All great parties need a DJ. 3 days to Season 6.”

A teaser image for Fortnite Season 6 depicts a purple robot lama (Epic Games)

Players of the game can expect new skins, challenges and updates to the map, which has already begun to change after the mysterious purple cube rolled into Loot Lake last week.

After a month of rolling periodically around the terrain, leaving scorch patterns – or ‘runes – on the ground, the giant cube reached its final destination.

When it reached the lake, it transformed the surface into a purple trampoline. This means players can easily cross to the other side, though it still remains unclear what awaits in Season 6.

Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein hinted that Loot Lake may take a different form in Season 6, tweeting last week: “This is a @FortniteGame – there’s ALWAYS something else :)”

When the new season was announced by the Fortnite Twitter account, players were told they would be given in-game rewards.

“Season 6 is now dropping from the Battle Bus on September 27,” the Fortnite account tweeted.

“Celebrate its arrival and unlock those final Battle Pass rewards with an additional 400% Match XP all weekend, from now until September 24 at 8 AM ET (1200 GMT). Glide into the party!”

The purple cube rolled into Loot Lake, transforming Fortnite’s main water feature into a giant trampoline ahead of Season 6 (Epic Games)

The first teaser image from Epic Games for Season 6 gives a few cryptic indications of what to expect.

Firstly, the lama DJ is presumably a new skin, or outfit, that will be available, while the purple and lightning strikes are in reference to the purple cube and the storm from which it appeared.

The fact that the lama is a DJ suggests there will be a party theme.

Ahead of the release of Fortnite Season 5, Epic Games released a number of teaser images that hinted at what to expect, suggesting that more teasers may be released ahead of 27 September.

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