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While rumors are running rampant prior to the official launch of Fortnite 6, one thing that has been brought up several times since Epic Games brought back the Power Chord skin was whether or not the company would bring back the skin. Now, it appears that it may very well may in season 6, according to the .

In the official trailer for Fortnite season 6, the Sun Tan specialist stands watching the floating island rise from Look Lake. Standing next to him, the Skull Trooper eats some popcorn while enjoying the same unfolding event. The inclusion of a rare season 1 skin in the season 6 trailer is a peculiar choice and seemingly suggests that the of the Skull Trooper is imminent.

After all, not only does the skin aesthetic work with the Darkness Rises theme, but it is getting closer to Halloween. Either of these alone would be justifiable events for Epic Games to bring back the rare skin, but as usual, it’s not that simple with the company. Check out the season 6 trailer below:

Of course, the return of the Skull Trooper would be a contentious move. Much like Power Chord, there are several players without this skin that would do nearly anything to have it, but for those who do, they may consider it a slap in the face because it is such a rare skin. Nevertheless, players have to admit that Skull Trooper is the perfect skin to explore some of the new map changes for season 6 such as the haunted castle and corn fields.

In fact, the shadow form of Skull Trooper would be interesting to see, as this new ‘safe mode’ is likely to be a popular feature. Regardless, season 6 is finally here, and Skull Trooper may very well be returning. When it does, we’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, good luck on the battle island, Ranters!

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Source: Epic Games

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