Fortnite: Season 9 Week 9 Battle Star Location

Here we are in week 10 of , which means this is the last week before Season 9 ends. There have been Fortbytes and Battle Stars aplenty, and many challenges now behind us. But the fun isn’t quite over yet. If you missed the Battle Star for week 9, don’t fret. It is still available for the taking.

As usual, the of the week 9 Battle Star is hidden in the Fortnite loading screen that players unlock after completing the week’s challenges. It is a lot more cutesy and relaxed than in previous weeks, with lots of pink hues, and even a lovely rainbow in the background. If players look below the bodacious skateboarder, they’ll spot the Battle Star as part of the graffiti. It’s resting on top of a car surrounded by control posts and ropes, which is exactly how it will appear in-game as well.

Players will want to drop onto Mega Mall and navigate to the northwest entrance on the ground level. Just stroll on in and the car will be on display right in plain sight. Walk over to it and the Battle Star should appear on the roof. Hop up to claim the Season 9 Week 9 battle star.

Still cleaning up challenges for this season? Then Fortbyte 23 might be on your list. Fortbyte 23 is located between an RV campsite, a gas station, and a giant footprint. Doing a little triangulation will lead to the mountain west of Loot Lake. There aren’t any kind of gimmicks to deal with this time. The Fortbyte will be beneath a tree on top of the mountain.

Aside from the usual weekly challenges, there are also the Days of Summer event tasks to contend with. The event is scheduled to end in just a few days on July 16, so finishing up the Beach Parties Challenge should be a priority if they aren’t completed yet. To do so, players will need to visit six different beach party locations on the map and shake their tailfeathers.

Fortnite is available now in early access on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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