Fortnite Smart Builds Makes Building Easier For Everyone

is a very important part of and it's what helps set it apart from other battle royales on the market.

If you never take the time to learn how to build, then it's likely your skills will never improve to the point where you can consistently win fights against other players.

When Fortnite first launched, wasn't nearly used as often as it is today, but now it feels like everybody and their mother know how to utilize things like piece control in the game.

As it turns out, Epic could be working on a brand new way to build in Season 7, and it could make all the difference for some of the newer players in the game. Instead of having to build a box yourself, what if there was a single button that would do it for you?

This seems like it's possible as part of a future update in Season 7 according to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey.

New Way to Build?

It'll be better for Epic Games long term for players to continue playing Fortnite, and one of the ways of ensuring that would be by making it easier to compete against better players.

The addition of skill-based matchmaking has been controversial, with players on both sides of aisle talking about it, and if this latest news is accurate, then there might be even more chatter.

According to FireMonkey, via Fortnite Tracker, Epic is working on four different types of builds. These smart builds would allow players players to plop them down with a single button instead of having to build everything separately.

The leaker does say this will happen at some point during the season and they are currently being worked on. These four builds will include the following:

  • Smart Box
  • Smart Tower
  • Smart Bridge
  • Smart Auto

A common thing you see when players take damage is them immediately building a simple box. This means four walls, a floor, and a roof. This takes most players a second or so to build, but the Smart Box feature would make it even simpler.

Now, this type of thing might sound overpowered, but it's tough to tell without actually seeing it in game.

Would This Be Beneficial?

There will be many critics out there who point out that this isn't making anybody better at building, and while that's true, it will definitely help players last longer in a game.

The Port-a-Fort sort of does the same things as this Smart Box does, and nobody would ever consider that item to be too powerful. At the end of the day, good players would still prevail over those who aren't as skilled.

It's important to note that Epic Games is taking big steps to making the game more accessible to newer players. With bots now populating pretty much every game, anybody has a chance at coming away with a few eliminations a match, even if they don't claim the elusive Victory Royale.

Fortnite is a video game and games are meant to have fun, so it'll definitely be interesting to keep an eye on any more changes Epic makes to the core experience going forward. Look for this building overhaul some time this season.

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