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Recently, Epic Games celebrated Fortnite’s birthday by introducing a number of birthday-themed challenges. Afterward, one dedicated player took it upon themselves to create a that recapped the full first of the popular multiplayer game, and it is impossible to determine whether that player missed anything, as he covered everything from server crashes to new introductions.

Beginning with Save the World and moving onto the release of the battle royale mode, this Fortnite fan begins with the game’s earliest days, tracing its development month-by-month. He addresses the low player counts and first streamers to hop onto the battle royale island all the way to the massive amounts of concurrent players to the record-breaking stream by Ninja and Drake.

In many ways, this video is a celebratory history lesson of the game’s growth and change, as it also covers Epics recent pledge to eSports competitions. Season by season, he also details the overarching story that recently saw the creation of the rifts and the worlds collide theme. Check Fortnite’s first year in 6 minutes below:

Of course, this video has fans of the game looking forward as well. While this Fortnite player has expressed interest in eventually creating a year 2 video, he’ll have to begin with the introduction of the battle royale game to Android mobile devices, even though it appears only 12% of those devices will run the game well.

Another key detail that kicks off what would effectively be the second year of Fortnite is the continued success of Ninja, as the popular streamer recently hit 10 million followers on Twitch. He is the first to do so on its platform, and it’s likely due to his success in Fortnite. Tell us, Ranters, looking back, what’s your favorite thing about Fortnite’s first year? What do you want to see in its second?

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. A release on Android is expected later this summer.

Source: Reddit

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