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Like past weeks, Season 5 4 of Fortnite adds some new challenges to the game that players can complete in exchange for battle stars. And also like past weeks, Week 4 in Fortnite adds a hidden battle star that can only be obtained by players who have managed to complete all of the week’s challenges.

After completing the Week 4 challenges, players will unlock a special loading screen that hints at where to find the hidden battle star (not to be confused with the hidden battle star that can be found by searching between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain). As it turns out, this week’s hidden battle star can be found in quadrant G9 on the battle royale map.

So land in quadrant G9. Here players will find a statue of a camel, and sitting on top of the camel’s hump is the battle star. Remember that the battle star will simply not appear for anyone who has yet to complete all four weeks of the Season 5 battle pass challenges currently available, so keep that in mind.

Week 4 challenges are all fairly straightforward, and while some of them will take some time, none should be too difficult for Fortnite players to complete. The one that may be the most time-consuming is jumping through the flaming hoops, but as long as players consult a map to find all the flaming hoops, that particular challenge shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Of course, the speed at which one completes the challenges in Fortnite really depends on their skill level. There are some challenges that require players to be proficient in the game’s combat, as they have to kill opponents in a certain area (for example, this week’s designated area is Dusty Divot) or with certain weapons, like pistols.

Regardless, Fortnite players should be able to complete all of the challenges with enough practice and patience. And once they’re all caught up on challenges, they can turn their attention to finding this week’s hidden battle star.

Fortnite is out now in early access on iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. An Android version is in development as well.

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